Cesar Sufrategui

Inexpensive Spanish narrator, native Spanish voice-actor, Cesar Sufrategui

Customer service and your satisfaction are always my top priority; I will put extra effort to exceed expectations." An extremely commendable origin from the speaker Cesar Sufrategui. Hopefully, this is the motto of every day and any narration from a native Spanish voice-talent.
Fluent Spanish, low voice, experience of past years and confidence gives a colorful speaker from the material read. An adult male voice impresses with its power and at the same time softness, more precisely, it is a slight negligence, the absence of dominance produces such an effect. Inexpensive, prompt and loyal narrator.
Voicetalent name Cesar Sufrategui
Rating 56 votes
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages Spanish
Popularity Midle
Voice features Baritone
However, the masculine principle shows how you can be more convincing, using only your voice, without flashing eyes or shaking your fists. The master of verbal duels Cesar Sufrategui has been diving at the microphone for more than one year, so it is so easy to lose to a mature macho. A young newcomer is no match for a master of voice acting.

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