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We provide voice-over services of best male voice-talents and voice-actors In your disposal are more then 60 inhouse male narrators.
Charisma meaning energy and strength manifests itself to the full in a male narrator’s voice. Why not to use it to your ends? Your audio product will reveal all the power of Yang sounding either heartfelt or inviting but brightly in any case.

Male narrators

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You need a male voice-talents urgently?  You want to record urgently a presentation voiceover? Our service includes recording of male narrators within 12 hours only!

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Voicetalent selection by parameters

This service is rendered by only professional voice talents. 2voiceover agency guarantees the best choice of male narrators and voice-talents covering a wide range of timbers and intonations. Besides, we have a catalogue of native narrators to voice-over your scripts in any language.
Female voice-over is widely used in on-hold telephone messages, commercials, advertising on radio and TV, corporate narrations, video-games and e-learning projects. Male voice-over are used in the same directions but where woman's voice give the listener feeling of relaxation, motherly warmth - only man voices can convey assurance, professional attitude and deep understanding of the subject. So, we can suggest using male voice-overs in more technical scripts.

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