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Our voice-over agency provides the wide scope of voice-talents and voice-actors of any age, sex and origins. Our narrators speak more then 40 languages and dialects. We provide services of children voices as well as services of voice impersonators of famous celebrities. Due to advanced algorithms of our website you can find a desired voice-talents if just a few clicks allowing you to browse separately male voices, female narrators, kids voices of multilingual voice-actors. Wide amount of voice-talent can guarantee the best prices on the marked and will do our best to suit client's budget.

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The 2voiceover on-line voice agency can offer you the solution of any problem. Listening to the catalog of our voice-talents you can choose both a touching child’s voice and that of a famous TV brand. We guarantee the best quality work by providing free auditions for all projects for our client to pickup only the best matching voice.

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All prices for voice-over services that are listed in our voice-talent pool are provided for the amount of the test not exceeding the length of 80 words. Any script that contains more then 80 words have to be quoted by voice-actor individually. Please keep in mind that price can change if the script requires commercial license of have to be broadcasted on regional or national campaigns. Thou our agency is located in Ukraine, do not limit your search to only Russian, Ukrainian, Kazakh and Georgian languages as our bank contains native voice-talents in practically all European languages: English (American or British), Polish, Rumanian, Spanish, Italian, etc.
Flexible pricing policy makes it possible to select voice-actors for any budget and scale, starting from regional advertising campaigns to federal level solutions. We can offer narrators casting free of charge before starting a big voice-over project.

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