Voice-overs and narrations by kids and children's voices

Any video or audio commercial voice-overed by an unsettled child’s voice-talent is sure to distinguish your advertisement from a number of others. The voice agency 2voiceover offers a great variety of funny and touching in their sincerity children’s voice-talents and narrators in many languages.

1. About the service
When ordering recording your text by a child’s voice-over, you have every right to expect strict compliance with all your requirements. But still consider the following: it is difficult for a child to pronounce long compound words, so your script should avoid them. Do not expect a child to articulate everything perfectly, he cannot voice addresses and telephone numbers as clearly as an adult voice-talent. 2. "FAQ" or "What you should know".

The child’s voice fee includes:
1. Recording a text not more than 80 words long. If the script contains more than one name of a brand, service or promotion campaign to be advertised or more than one address or phone number, the voice-talent is entitled to a higher fee (the coefficient equals 2*).
2. One-time file coding into a required format.
3. Delivering the file of the whole voice-talent session.
*The texts containing more than 80 words are charged individually.

The child’s voice-over recording service does not include:
1. Removal re-recordings, sighs, pauses, etc from the audio file.
2. Any voice file processing.
3. Record arrangement according to time codes, etc.
4. Superimposing the narrator’s voice on musical background and other studio works which can be ordered additionally.

3. Warranty
The warranty is valid for 5 calendar days since file delivery and covers re-recording free of charge the parts of the text containing errors or where the customer’s wishes concerning intonation have not been accounted for.

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