Dilek Donmez

Turkish female narrator, affordable female voice-talent, Dilek Donmez

Anti-glamorization, if such will arise among many modern movements, will clearly be led by Dilek Donmez in the voiceover craft. What? You give a simple femininity, without pretense, and not that all. Aspiration, pure sex in the voice, endless attempts to be a kitty, how long can you, in the end? After all, it is not difficult to bluntly, it is fun and at a pace to talk about the advantages and keep silent about the disadvantages. This is approximately how our performer works at the microphone.
Or maybe it’s in the country where Dilek Donmez works? Under the burqa, go, do not roam and do not flirt too much, the only thing that remains is shooting with your eyes, so as not to provoke male anger. We hope that specifically the announcer Dilek Donmez grew up in freer conditions, which, by the way, can be evidenced by the fact that she worked on radio for 15 years.
Voicetalent name Dilek Donmez
Rating 56 votes
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages Turkish
Popularity Midle
Voice features Mezzo-soprano
A useful radium experience will also bear fruit in your harvest. A female, inexpensive and lively voice, in Turkish, is suitable for many directions of sound recording, because audio advertising, presentations, Internet promotion are impossible without a professional approach.

Making an order for voice-over at 2vocieover studio you can expect to receive from one to three ready takes of your script. This rule applies if the script is not more than 80 words long. In case it contains more than 80 words you can expect only one take. The quote can change if the script is to be broadcasted on TV or radio. To get an adequate quotation be sure to specify if your script is going to be used for broadcasting.