Ferenc Szerencsi

Native Hungarian voicetalent Ferenc Szerencsi

Even as a harmful and unpleasant subject of male appearance, he can sound. Let's put the jokes aside and listen carefully to Ferenc Szerencsi. Hungarian voice-actor with a strong and deep male voice, with good intonation control and a high level of intonation variety. But the basis is solid and bright reading.
Ferenc Szerencsi has a lot of experience and therefore claims to be confident and polished in many cases: audio or video advertisements, podcasts in Hungarian, e-learning, apps, character voices, etc. As for the play style, the hero is especially good, a little husky, with a bad character, can you just have such a character in store?
Voicetalent name Ferenc Szerencsi
Rating 479 votes
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages Hungarian
Popularity Midle
Voice features Baritone
Hungarian native voice-talent Ferenc Szerencsi also speaks English, but for dubbing, you'd better choose from the appropriate language category, since the attitude to price of such actors is much more loyal than that of rare Hungarian talents. It’s not interesting, you see, this profession in this country, if there’s one or two narrator.

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