Goize Carrasco

Artistic Spanish male voice-talent Goize Carrasco

B ravissimo! Goize Carrasco becomes an actor at the microphone. The Spaniard, a native of the Castilian dialect, has worked on television, on radio and it is not surprising that he is very popular in online voice acting - for games, intricate scripts, Internet videos, such artistic abilities are extremely important. Again, the standard of beautiful advertising is up to him.
What else is remarkable about this male voice? Goize Carrasco works quickly, everything goes well and well, and satisfied customers know that the effect is not far off. If, of course, the advertising campaign carries not only a creative idea, worthy execution, but also offers a really high-quality product or service that surpasses those on the market.
Voicetalent name Goize Carrasco
Rating 67 votes
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages Spanish
Popularity Low
Voice features Baritone
It is very important to be able to save at least at some stage of promotion, and if it is possible to vary on shows / broadcasts / broadcasts, then it is difficult to "fit" the voice of the announcer into the obviously economy segment - this is an important image-indicator of the image. Goize Carrasco, an narrator for dubbing in Spanish in this case, will become the go-to for a thrifty attitude to the budget.

Making an order for voice-over at 2vocieover studio you can expect to receive from one to three ready takes of your script. This rule applies if the script is not more than 80 words long. In case it contains more than 80 words you can expect only one take. The quote can change if the script is to be broadcasted on TV or radio. To get an adequate quotation be sure to specify if your script is going to be used for broadcasting.