Jenna McManus

Jenna McManus, versatile American voice-actress

Jenna McManus is a narrator from America, a native speaker. Her voice may sound familiar as you have probably heard it in movie trailers. Such female voice, low but flexible, in the 20-40 year age group is mostly called-for in various voiceover works. Jenna is a professional narrator and an actress, greatly experienced in TV and radio. Her major is the localization in American English of various texts for corporate videos, Power Point presentations, website voiceover. Besides, Jenna is experienced in recording on-hold messages. Quality work and moderate fee plus attention to details make Jenna McManus one of the most called-for clients of 2voiceover studio.
Voicetalent name Jenna McManus
Rating 3 votes
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages English. American
Popularity Midle
Voice features Mezzo-soprano

Making an order for voice-over at 2vocieover studio you can expect to receive from one to three ready takes of your script. This rule applies if the script is not more than 80 words long. In case it contains more than 80 words you can expect only one take. The quote can change if the script is to be broadcasted on TV or radio. To get an adequate quotation be sure to specify if your script is going to be used for broadcasting.

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