Slimane Leklou

Inexpensive French voice-talent, native narrator Slimane Leklou

Well, since France does not want to be right outside the window, you will have to be content with greetings from it. And warm greetings to the new French voice-actor - radio presenter Slimane Leklou. He can read brightly and enticingly, fortunately, direct duties oblige him to do this. But it is clear that a mood based on continuous positiveness sometimes requires a change of dispositions.
Calm intonations or a cursory reportage are found in his voice-over work every day. You can be sure that many years of activity on the radio has developed the necessary ease of conveying emotions and we will not even feel that they are reading from a piece of paper!
Voicetalent name Slimane Leklou
Rating 67 votes
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages French
Popularity Midle
Voice features Baritone
The inexpensive voice of the native Slimane Leklou from a European country captivates precisely with its cheapness - it's hard to believe that you don't need to save up hundreds of euros for such a high-quality speech. His male voice, in French, will definitely refresh an advertising campaign or make Internet promotion presentable.

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