Native Chinese (Mandarin) voice-talents, voice-over services

The Chinese language is a member of the Sino-Tibetan family of languages. Although most Chinese view the many varieties of spoken Chinese as a single language, the variations in spoken language are comparable to those of Romance languages. Mandarin Chinese is mostly spoken in China, Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia. Chinese is a tonal language. The meaning of a word changes according to its tone. There are 4 tones in Mandarin Chinese: flat, rising, falling then rising and falling. Other dialects feature up to 9 different tones.
Our studio provides services only of native and professional voice-talents in Chinese language.
  • Keep in mind that in case if you provide low quality translation, voice-talent can refuse to work with it.
  • All orders for voice-over job localization into Chinese language must contain directions in Chinese language.
  • Always provide audioguides for all words that do not have origin in Chinese language, words like names, acronyms, abbreviations ect. that will help voice-talent to understand how to voice-over certain word
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