Native Ukrainian voice-talents, voice-over services

Ukrainian language is the second most widely spoken language of the 12 surviving members of the Slavic group of the large Indo-European language family. Ukrainian and Russian languages are today closer than they were a hundred years ago due to Soviet Russification, and somewhat mutually intelligible—speakers in Ukraine often switch back and forth from one to the other. Geographically, it is classified with Russian and Belarusian as an East Slavic language. Sandard language is based mainly on the Poltava and Kyiv dialects of the southeastern group, but it also contains many features from other dialects, particularly the southwestern ones.
Our studio provides services only of native and professional voice-talents in Ukrainian language.
  • Keep in mind that in case if you provide low quality translation, voice-talent can refuse to work with it.
  • All orders for voice-over job localization into Ukrainian language must contain directions in Ukrainian or English languages.
  • Always provide audioguides for all words that do not have origin in Ukrainian language, words like names, acronyms, abbreviations ect. that will help voice-talent to understand how to voice-over certain word
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