How to start audio books recording?

How to start audio books recording?

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Some people think that recording scientific literature is much easier than fiction because it does not imply artistic reading: creating images of various characters, using different intonations, etc. Scientific literature is based on stating historical facts, scientific opinions, which seems much easier than dramatization or getting the feel of the role. Accordingly, recording voice-talents will not be so labor-consuming. In fact, it is not so.

Professional advice:

- Try to read the text as if you are telling it to some concrete person, not just to a microphone (it is especially important for scientific literature).
- Avoid improvisations.
- Do not resort to word contractions as they will be considered as mistakes by the publisher who will require corrections.
- Do not consider voicing scientific texts an easier task compared to voicing fiction.
- Mind the end of the audiobook while you are still reading the beginning.
- If you have made a mistake, go back and start from the last correct part.
- Mind that your nervousness prevents relaxation and correct sounding.
- Do not make your voice too emotional as in this way you deny your listeners the right to their own experiences.
- Your performance should sound as if you have just learned this story. It is believed that reading should be rather unhurried.
Instinctively your reading is slower than the usual rate of speech. In this way you provide listeners with more time to appreciate and remember the story. Besides, if you get paid hourly you will earn more money!


Of course, you are bound by the author’s punctuation but to some extent you may become a co-author and change it at your discretion. All artistic subtleties of your voice are within your power. Use them to the full! Make your voice flexible, try to color the words with additional shades, do your best to convey to the audience the author’s ideas. What is important here is your ability to choose a correct voice for every character and to decide which voice is better.

Prompt statistics

As a rule, it takes two hours to record a one hour audiobook. An average book contains 100,000 words. 100,000 works make about 11 audio hours. 11 audio hours require 22 hour recording.

Your home task

Before starting the recording audiobook read the book because you never know what can take you by surprise during recording. Besides, if you have not read the book how can you decide on the voice characteristics of its characters. It is totally wrong if you change your attitude towards a character in the course of recording. Don’t be too lazy and read the book in advance. Otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

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