What does your microphone hear?

What does your microphone hear?

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Imagine you are sitting at a conference, lesson or in a library and start unwrapping a chocolate bar. The same can happen to a voice talent if he/she is not attentive enough.

What does your microphone hear?

A microphone is a very sensitive part of the equipment and can record any sounds! Microphone is voice talent’s partner but can become treacherous recording various interfering noises. Despite the fact that the variety of microphones is amazing and you may use either a studio microphone or an ultra-compact microphone for IOS and Android or one of the five excellent microphones for Iphones, all of them are famous for their high sensitivity. You will understand what I mean if you have ever heard your recording session or edited your own work.

Like sponges microphones absorb all sounds surrounding you:

Sounds produced by body movements
Jingling of earrings or necklace
Clock ticking
Clothes rustling
Touching the microphone stand
Rolling pencils
Pages turning over
Background noises
Room acoustics

See to it that you have nothing superfluous when you are going to be recorded. For example, if you are wearing a baseball cap turn it round so that the visor could not touch the microphone.

What can ensure a quality recording? What steps are to be taken to deny any extraneous sounds? Before starting recording listen: Can you hear any drilling in the next room? Is anybody hammering there?

Put off recording! These extraneous sounds will be recorded no matter how loudly you will speak or how closely you will stand to the microphone. After processing the sound file in quiet environment all these faults are sure to become audible which will not please your customer. Do not give him any reason to doubt the quality of your work!

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