Why is it better to use the services of voice talents – freelancers?

Why is it better to use the services of voice talents – freelancers?

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Trying to save money and time radio stations often seek the help of their staff members in recording commercial voice over. On the one hand, it may seem the best way out but, on the other hand, it may cause a lot of problems. When the same voices are used in selling different things, customers get tired of them and no longer perceive information.

In order to preserve fresh perception, look for freelancers. This will ensure diversity, reduce the chance of hearing the same voice within one ad unit and enhance the feeling of novelty. For more information on the topic of attracting freelancers, continue reading. The simplest way is not always that simple. Of course, the simplest way to make voiceover is to bring one of your staff members and record the text during the workday. But this way does not always prove efficient and can fail if you need more than just to save money.

From my personal experience I gained this experience at the biggest FM station which gave me my first employment in mass media. The strategy of the managing director was very simple: he asked any worker who was not busy at the moment to act as a voice talent. At that time it worked well and both the customer and the manager were happy as it saved money and time. What about the outcome?

But outside the radio station the situation looked quite different. The listeners heard the same voices reading more and more ad texts. For example, after the weather forecast the same voice read various audio commercials, which couldn’t attract anybody’s attention. Given that some voice talents worked both for local and national companies, the air became oversaturated with the same voices and advertisements were lost on listeners. In this way the efficiency of advertisements decreased greatly. Besides, this caused the problem which appeared essential: ideally listeners should identify the advertised company by the voice recorded in the commercial. Thus, the effectiveness of advertising and consequently the radio revenue decreased substantially.

Freelancers saved the situation Luckily the solution of the problem was quite simple: our managing director increased the variety of voice talents inviting freelancers and ensuring unique sound for each advertisement. If you use the voice of a freelancer, the chance of coming across it in the same ad unit tends to zero. Besides, it can become the voice of a certain company, thus representing it in the air. Such innovations were repaid very quickly: the goods were sold better and there was no need in discounts.

If you want your advertisement to be noticed, do not use the same voice again and again. Try to invite voice talents from another region or even from another country and the result will not be slow to appear.

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