Henry Feng

Henry Feng, a Chinese language speaker

Henry Feng is a native Chinese narrator using classical Mandarin Chinese. Henry started his career as a translator from English into Chinese. This job is in great demand in China as English is not popular there as distinct from India where the language is studied at school. Knowledge of English makes this speaker most popular at the 2voiceover studio. This is due to the speaker’s ability to pronounce correctly English words which often occur in scripts to be adapted to Mandarin Chinese. Besides, it facilitates making necessary director’s remarks in English.
Voice and skills description
Henry’s deep and powerful voice sounds in hundreds of trailers, promos, radio and television commercials around the world where only Chinese voice-over is required. Ranging from ominous and terrible (like in the trailer for the movies of the Mad Max Fury Road type) to the dynamic and youthful, Henry’s voice copes with any task perfectly. Of course such a nice timbre as Henry’s is widely claimed in business and corporate voiceovers of films and presentations, in documentaries, phone greetings and IVR menus.
2voiceover Studio guarantees 100% meeting their customers’ requirements. Since Henry is one of the studio voice talents he fully accepts the rules and warranties of the studio and is ready to provide any edits and improvements for free, subject to the customer's compliance with the rules of ordering for foreign speakers.
Voicetalent name Henry Feng
Rating 21 vote
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages Chinese, Mandarin
Popularity Midle
Voice features Baritone

Making an order for voice-over at 2vocieover studio you can expect to receive from one to three ready takes of your script. This rule applies if the script is not more than 80 words long. In case it contains more than 80 words you can expect only one take. The quote can change if the script is to be broadcasted on TV or radio. To get an adequate quotation be sure to specify if your script is going to be used for broadcasting.