Kesheng Lin

native Chinese narrator, Kesheng Lin

A melodic female voice sounds like an eastern fairy tale told in Chinese with its fanciful mountain peaks and misty haze. Although Kesheng Lin, the voice-talent, may be telling at the moment about the benefits of new technologies or about a new toothpaste. But everything unknown and exotic attracts and awakens imagination, while a beautiful voice complements the colorful picture. Kesheng Lin is a professional narrator who can narrate in Chinese various scripts, this is especially important for those who prefer the northern dialect – Mandarin Chinese which is considered official in China, Taiwan and Singapore. Her voice can sound businesslike or neutral or ingratiating but always faultless, with no accent.
Voicetalent name Kesheng Lin
Rating 351 vote
Fee from
Turnaround 48+ hrs
Languages Chinese, Mandarin
Popularity Midle
Voice features Mezzo-soprano
The specified price includes recording the voice-talent’s voice for standard radio commercials. First and foremost you should focus on this kind of work since it does not require as much attention as voicing videos or large projects. Terms or English names may cause difficulties for some narrators due to the fact that knowledge of English is not widely spread and this foreign language implies for them entirely different phonetic, linguistic rules, analogues that do not exist in Chinese or as it is also called Putonghua.
Chinese – Putonghua (Mandarin Chinese)
Young, adult, middle-aged
Special skills
Kersheng Lin’s female voice in Chinese will especially affect the audience for which presentation style is of great importance. A gentle sensuous voice penetrates into the very depth of the soul and sets up a strong emotional connection.
Voiceover of presentations, documentaries, training programs, internet videos, radio commercials, phone greetings, video games.

Making an order for voice-over at 2vocieover studio you can expect to receive from one to three ready takes of your script. This rule applies if the script is not more than 80 words long. In case it contains more than 80 words you can expect only one take. The quote can change if the script is to be broadcasted on TV or radio. To get an adequate quotation be sure to specify if your script is going to be used for broadcasting.