Introduction – excursus. Part 4

Introduction – excursus. Part 4

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The content of your audio commercial, video voiceover depends only on your and your script writer’s ideas. Sometimes the customer thinks that it is just him who knows for sure what words can impress his clients most. Such perception gives rise to the following pearls:

Doors hypermarket
Sea of super ideas
Choice of the best doors
Make haste to come

You can enjoy reading these and similar howlers to your heart’s content, the more so that we started this topic in the previous article and it is passing smoothly into the topic of trusting professionals.
Why is it better to trust professionals? If only because they are sure to render all the necessary issues in the proper way. Like it or not, you can’t do without habitual words and phrases even in informative commercials. If you want your commercial to conform to certain canons (not only language but specialization as well) it should be competently constructed. Only then it will not cause negative perception and rejection which is characteristic of some commercials. They remind me of the flow of imports which surged from China some time ago and their labels translated into Russian. It’s a pity I cannot render them in English, otherwise it would give you incomparable pleasure!
By the way, once we had an order from China about “a pregnant region” which was to be voiced in a male or female voice but that’s another story…

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