A local library as a source of audio books

A local library as a source of audio books

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Have you ever thought of your local library as a springboard for your career? Or you just use it a source of new knowledge which can expand the horizons of your profession? A library is a perfect place not only for obtaining knowledge but also for starting a new career: voice-overing books. There are three ways in which a library can help you:

    1. You can study the source material
    2. You can listen to the already recorded texts.
    3. You can get in touch with publishers of audio books.

1. Studying the material
You can find countless books in the library. These can be both printed and electronic books which will form the basis for your future work. It is the easiest and most affordable way to join the audio book business. The history of audio books is quite short but exciting as far as its start and development are concerned.
2. Listen a lot
In order to learn to speak like a professional, you should listen to CDs with audio books which you are sure to find in your library. Some libraries even make these audio book records available on line. Listening to them is very important. Listen carefully, listen to most popular records and note what voice-talents do to describe the characters, to stress their distinctive features. Practice a lot, do it regularly. There is no teacher like practice!
3. Find a publisher
Every audio book has its publisher who is the person that hires a voice talent to read the text. Publishers can belong to big companies or they can be private producers. Which books do they choose for audio versions? To learn more about this business and to make acquaintances among publishers, study the audio books market and who knows? You can become a real voice talent one day.

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