Voice-overs with female or female voices. Which is better?

Voice-overs with female or female voices. Which is better?

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Struggle for supremacy

A fowl or an egg? Soil or water? A man or a woman?
The question of dominance sometimes appears very important, especially when it is not the subject of a philosophical discussion but a certain sum of money, the company image and reputation which is at stake. The choice of voice-talent is a fundamental issue. Subconsciously the company owner will always know which voice is better for the given promotional audio clip but consciously the problem is solved by the majority. Here a discord with the tastes of the audience may arise. It is not enough to make a good product, it is important to sell it profitably. No doubt, male voices and female voices have different psychological impact on the audience, and the difference is not only in the sound.

Do you think the choice of voice can depend on the subject of the advertisement?
Yes, if the product or service is intended for a special group of people.
Yes, if your aim is to excite certain emotions.
Yes, if people cannot stand the voice of the same sex (strange as it may seem, we had such experience in our practice).
That is why before making a decision one should portray the consumer.
Men’s and women’s interests may be different and you should take it into consideration.

If the majority of your listeners are going to be men, then it should be a mellow and fascinating female voice as a woman is more communicative by nature and inclines listeners to communication. So the male audience should be addressed by a female voice-talent while the female one – by a male voice-talents. But there are cases when female audience should be addressed only by a female voice. These are the cases when advertisements deal with much talked-about “critical days” or cures for wrinkles. So cast your nets skillfully!

And try not to fall into the charming nets of our voice talents.
Another problem to consider is age. By the way, passport information quite often does not correspond to the voice sound. A forty-year old woman can easily sound like a first grader at school, or a lively little fellow, or an old woman which does not prevent her from reading impressive texts or texts with sexy content. So your choice of a male or female voice-talent as well as its age will depend on logic, tradition and vogue. An old granny’s voice can hardly be popular nowadays, while a pleasing active male voice easily wins everybody’s admiration, for example, Pavel Zolotov’s demo sample. A young male voice is good not only for advertising various technical devices – Vadim Dorofeev’s demo sample. But advertising cars or any luxury products require solid male voices like that of Andrew Chernukha. The sphere of banking should sound very reliably – Leonid Shevchenko’s demo sample. While the women’s sphere (fashion world) is subject to tender female voices – demos by Nataliya Votyakova, Kira Serova.

Now you understand what one should be guided by choosing a voice talent. But sometimes all rules are violated which can help to highlight your advertisement. In this case irregularity is the way to win.

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