Why do publishers decide to record a book?

Why do publishers decide to record a book?

Not every book can become a good audio book. So how do publishers choose a book for audio recording?
Audio books have become the most promising sector of modern media technologies. At present they have formed a gigantic industrial branch with a turnover of billions of dollars. Millions of people download audio books to their players or buy CDs with books every day. Once it was quite different and we have already told you how it started. Audio books are advantageous for people with poor eyesight and dyslexia but an ordinary person can also diversify one’s weekdays by listening to an exciting story while going to work.
An audio book can be invaluable, for example, for a long-distance truck driver who has to listen to repetitive repertoire of various FM radio stations which can drive anybody mad, whereas a long arresting story in an audio book can last for many hours and will not be boring. But what makes a book a good candidate for audio recording? Why is it in demand on the market?
First it should be carefully edited and professionally delivered. The production of audio books is rather costly but at the same time its price is higher which is profitable both for the writer and the publisher.
Eddy Jones who works as an editor for Lighthouse Publishing Carolinas says that they concentrate on popular items: the books with high circulation and those that are sold well as Amazon electronic books, having 4-5 star review.
LPC puts its hopes in mystery books with strong women as the main characters and in political thrillers that target men. This choice has paid off but at present the company is moving away from fiction and passing to scientific literature, the interest in which is constantly growing.
Such decisions are made on carefully studying the market, people’s interests, various target groups. For example, businessmen prefer audio books to polygraphic ones because of their lifestyle, besides, they are more interested in books on marketing and business development than any love stories.
Tom Corson-Nouls, the founder of TCK Publishing, prefers romance and books on development because they are easy to sell as distinct from books for children. He pays great attention to the book format, as books crammed with pictures, diagrams, visual training programs are not in line with the audio book format and can hardly make a good audio book. In this case the book should be changed and abridged. Jack Jordan, the founder and CEO of Jacquie Jordan Inc says that their policy is to turn all scientific books into audio books. When recording texts, they usually invite the book’s author to do it. But certain books are still voiced by professional voice-talents. In such cases readers can enjoy the mastery of voice talents voicing audio books.

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