Why is it better for radio stations to work with voice talents – freelancers

Why is it better for radio stations to work with voice talents – freelancers

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It is certainly convenient when a staff DJ or anchorperson works as a voice talent for your audio commercials. But is it really so?

Why is it better for radio stations to work with voice talents – freelancers?

In order to safe time and money radio stations often resort to the services of their staff voice talents. This seems more reasonable but may cause more problems than it solves.
If the same voices keep advertising various things, it lowers the attention of the audience.
If you want to preserve the freshness of perception, look for different voice talents. This encourages diversity, prevents situations when the same voices are heard in one ad unit and attracts audience by some novelty.
If you want to learn more about the advantages of voice talents – freelancers, go on reading.

Ease is not always easy.

The simplest way to get a voice talent for recording a commercial is just to drag a staff narrator to a studio. But if you do your job responsibly, overstep the considerations of convenience, friendship and logistics because in this case more important things are at stake. From my first-hand experience.
I started work at the biggest FM radio station. The policy of the manager was very simple: all the announcements were sounded by the staff voice talents, which was quite advantageous both for customers and for the station, but that was in fairly active productive times. The texts of advertisements were rather similar and predictable, the voices were easily recognizable.
But though everybody was quite happy the situation could not last too long. The audience took it quite differently. In the long run they just did not take in advertisements at all. For listeners it was an endless stream of various ads sounding very familiar but regular, which did not excite interest. In many cases it happened so that programs were interrupted by advertisements or weather forecasts sounded by the same narrators.
Most successful voice talents became so customary at regional and national radio stations that listeners started complaining. The monotony devalued the content, thus decreasing the effectiveness of the radio commercials. So the simplicity in the management of the radio station did not promote business at all. Each businessman wanted his goods or services to be associated with a particular voiceactor, so that audience could link the unique voice with the unique product.

Freelancers come in handy

The manager found the way out rather quickly: freelancers were invited for recording advertisements, this increased voice diversity and each audio commercial became unique, possessing particular energy, which was duly appreciated by advertisers.
Freelancers introduce variety, help managers, marketers, advertising specialists meet the requirements of their business. Due to the diversity of voices one cannot mix up brand voices of different companies. The market reacted to this by larger volumes of goods sold at their initial prices, not at a discount.


If you want your advertisement differ from others, use different voice talents, possibly from outside your region or even state. Such a step is sure to be successful!

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